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Infant Room


The Infant program offers an individualized schedule for each child based upon his or her needs as well as parent requests. Children are six weeks through approximately twelve months of age in this room. The program strives to make each child feel loved and comfortable as they develop at their own rate. Infants are held, hugged, rocked and nurtured each day. Gentle voices, eye contact and personal touch are at the core of infant care. The Infant rooms have a variety of equipment to help comfort the babies. The Infant and Toddler One in Christ Curriculum offers a variety of learning opportunities for our infants on a daily basis. Special activities are planned for the infants depending on their age. The daily program may include: music, singing, stroller rides (inside and outside), finger plays, story time, Jesus time, simple games like peek-a-boo, patty cake, etc., playing and lots of smiling. As the babies grow older, tummy time is added along with mirror play and brightly colored hard and soft toys for early exploration of the senses. The Infant program has a very loving and well-trained staff. Not a moment goes by where the infants aren’t getting the attention and loving care they need.